Tuesday, May 4, 2010

HE'S HERE HE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it's a boy!!!! A beautiful 6lbs.10oz, 19in long baby boy, named Gavin LaRue. 
He was born on Thursday, April 29th, at 11:41pm, by C-Section. The C-Section was not planned. I had my 39 week OB Check up that day at UoM.  The baby's heartrate kept falling so they admitted me. The heartrate kept falling, it was rebounding but the acceleration was slow. At one point the, the heartrate took 4 mins to rebound. Justin and I elected a C-Section.  My surgery went well and our beautiful baby boy was born...... CRYING! :)

Justin talked the nurses into letting me hold him in the OR, otherwise I would not have been able to hold him. He was able to carry him to me. I will never forget the look on Justin's face, as he carried our son to me.  He had the look of pure joy and a smile that would melt anyone's heart! He as been waiting for this for sooooo long. 

They took Gavin back to continue running test and prep him for all of the lines he would eventually be receiving. The echocardiogram was performed early friday morning and we got the confirmation friday afternoon that he has Truncus Arteriosis with an Interupted Aortic Arch, a rather large VSD and another small hole somewhere in the upper portion of the heart, but that is still unclear to me.  He's genetic testing results have not come back yet. 

He as been in the Holden ICU unit the whole so far, but we have unlimited access and we are so thankful for that.  The Holden ICU is a very precious place and the nursing staff are amazing.

Gavin is the 1st surgery scheduled for May 6th.  The surgery should last about 9 hours from prep to recovery.  He will remain in the hospital for at least a month from the day of the surgery, permitting everything goes as planned and he doesn't have to difficult of a time making the transition from IV fluids, to Tube feeds, to being fed.  He will be in PICU for about 2 weeks, with 2 weeks in a grade down from ICU. 

What a roller coaster ride this has been for all of us.  The ride isn't over yet!

Justin and I want to thank everyone for their continued prayers and moral support. We ask that you be praying for dear Gavin during this difficult start to his life.  We know, he is a strong fella and is going to do great!

Stay Tuned...