Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Surgery coming up

Gavin went in for an early echo appointment Monday October 29th.  His pressure in the conduit and right ventricle to pulmonary artery has increase to 70-75, all since his last appointment in August where it was only 60-65.  The doctor said it is time to move forward with the replacement of the conduit.  Our little munchie is being scheduled for open heart surgery November 26th. 

We can't say this is a shock, we have known this day was coming since June of 2011, that was the purpose of the echos being scheduled every 3 months.  The pressure has been on a constant incline and over the past 2months it has spiked a little. There is no magic number that causes them to say "its surgery time" But if they were following a number plan than 75 is when they would say that it's time to start thinking about surgery.  

Justin and I felt that something wasn't right with Gavin these past few weeks. He has been in and out of the ER a couple of times in October with respitory issues.  Over all he has been ok but just a little out of sorts.  I called the cardiologist last friday because I felt something wasn't right with Gavin and he got us an echo for the following monday, which is when he found that his pressure had spiked and that scheduling the surgery was the next step.  I'm so thankful we didn't wait until his Nov 15 appt. his pressure would be that much worse and scheduling wouldnt be a month in advance but more like weeks. 

The doc wants to give Gavin's system time to rid it's self of whatever respitory issue he is having, the steroids he's on along with the antibiotics. 

So here we go! We are all being really positive, afterall...God is Great! Faith is abundant and hope is overflowing. I have prayed and prayed and prayed and then more praying over the last year that God would just speak to us like he did when Gavin was in heart failure, that when the time had come for something to be done that we would have plenty of time to prepare mentally, financially, scheduling wise, just please God tell us before its to late or before he gets to sick and God is so faithful and true! The overwhelming sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was experiencing last friday when I say munchie and how he just looked sick.  I sat with that feeling that just wouldn't go away for anything, led me to calling the cardiologist eventhough Gavin's ER followup was with his peds that afternoon.  Gosh, had I not called........

Now we just have to study up on how to prepare Gavin for this. This is so new to us. Little munchie knows when we pull up to the hospital now, he knows the route, he knows of the docs and the boo boos that sometimes follow.  Please pray that out Gavin is not fearful and that he is peaceful in all the days to come.