Monday, December 17, 2012


We are on our way home. Gavins echo was great and yesterdays chest xray was also great. Follow up in two weeks. Chest tube stitch out on Dec. 21st. Cardio appt in 6wks. Gavin is active and is smiling again. For open heart surgery 5 days ago he sure is doing great.
I cant wait see Owen!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

One less tube

Gavin had his chest tube removed today around 11am. I can't even imagine what it felt like to have that thing stuck up there. Lets be completely honest here, I can't imagine any of the pain or discomfort he has been in and is in.  After the tube was removed, they took him off morphine this evening and are supplementing with other pain meds.

He is scheduled For an echo and EKG Monday morning. Tomorrow will involve more walking and hopefully eating.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Lines are out.

Today Gavin has reached all of his goals. He had the ART Line (arterial line sewn into his skin under his left wrist) that was used to get his blood gas tests. Testing the o2 and carbon dioxide levels in his blood was removed. They removed his CVL( central venous line) that was sewn into his neck :( they used to administer meds. His foley has also been removed. All done before 11:00am.

He just got back from his first walk down the hall, less that 24hrs after surgery.  
He should be moved to the cardio floor once there is room. No hurry. 
Next plan is to have his chest tube removed sometime in the couple of days. He is still on a morphine drip and will probably ween down tomorrow. 

Keep cruisen little Munchie! 

Moving forward

Gavin was extubated (taken of vent) at 9:25pm after coming back from surgery at 5:30pm. He has been in and out of conciousness. Imnot sure he is feeling pain or not. He is pretty congested after contracting a cold these last few days. Watching he doesn't develops pnemonia, we are going to have to work all that stuff out.  He is on one liter of o2 but other than morphine he is regulating his blood pressure himself. He does get  lasix but that's to get the excess fluid from surgery off and allows his heart not to work to heart.

Looking at my sweet beautiful boy, I am so great full for the the gift God has given us. Yet again I am completely humbled and broken for the families here who havent been given such wonderful news and results.  

Dear God, please comfort these familes tonight and always. Hold them in your loving arms.  Cover them with overwhelming  peace.  Please easy the pain and suffering of your precious children and rain down a shower of your healing love. Please allow Gavin to continue to progress and recovery. ward off all infections and complications and manage his pain. In your glorious name I pray. Amen.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Post op. 

Prep pic

Surgery update

Our god is great! Gavin is heading to recovery.his surgery was last and they didn't take him till 1:30. The surgeon placed an 18mm conduit in place of the old one.. The size of conduit they placed may give him adolescence before the next surgery. That size is placed in some adults.  The valve my deteriorate before the conduit needs to be addressed and that maybe done thru the cath.

Gavin's been fast tracked to be off the vent this evening, which is AMAZING. The surgeon said she never had to stop his heart, AMAZING! We will see him around 7. Thank you for your prayers and support! More to come

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Surgery tomorrow

Gavin is scheduled for surgery at 12:30 on December 13th. He will be checked in at 11:30 and meet with anestesia. They will give him a check up, making sure his lungs are clear. He does have a cold right now but we are expecting surgery to planned. The surgery is booked for 4 hrs and it may not take that long andcould run over. We shall see. We will keep you posted tomorrow. Love to all!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Update on an Update

Late time I posted, Gavin was scheduled for surgery November 27th.  Everything was a go, that is until he fractured his arm the night before surgery. We were in Ann Arbor that night at a hotel in preparation for the next morning, with plans of a nice dinner together and swimming fun. We did have a very nice dinner, Gavin was his usual charmer with everyone he sees, the fun stopped there. While changing for the pool, mommy flipped Gavin onto his back on the bed and he arm fell underneath him, fracturing it.  We made our usual trip up to the ER at Mott, only this time we were less than 5 mins away. The splited it and later placed him in his SWEET candycane cast 2 days later. 

His surgery was then scheduled for December 18th.  Yesterday the date was moved up to December 13th. Ortho feels he will be well enough to have surgery and his surgeon wants to make sure he is really not in pain from his elbow, meaning it hasn't completely healed, before surgery. 

His cast comes off Dec 11th and heart surgery is Dec 13th.  We will keep you posted!