Thursday, June 23, 2011

Echo review~ and other news

Today Gavin had his 2 week follow up from his cath. procedure. He had a groggy echo done, they didn't sedate him, he was way to awake so the just gave him some crazy nasal inhalant to chill him out and it worked.

Good news, wait let me rephrase that... Great news, there were no changes from the echo he received the 2 weeks ago. I'm not clear as to how they measure the pressure from an echo but they got it somehow and the pressure of his right ventricle is 40% which is the same as 2 weeks ago.  He goes back at the end of July for another echo and we should get the clear for our much needed family vacation.

He is definitely in a growth. He measured almost 34 inches long/tall today and still weights 24 lbs. He also started walking yesterday too!! He walked to my beautiful cousin McKenzie, of course, how could he resist her, she is such a doll! He took about 10 steps to her it was so awesome. Even with all of his down time with being sick and whatever other delays there may have been he is doing so well with everything and I just knew he would walk in no time. Although, I am thrilled for him, I am utterly exhausted just thinking about all the joy of following him around, picking him up off the ground, kissing his scraps and bruises and letting him go again and again.

Oh did I mention I probably wont be able to bend over soon enough being that our little Owen is just a growen! ( baby # 2 ) I guess you could call this our official announcement to those that didn't already know. We are expecting our second child late October, Owen Daniel. I am 22 weeks pregnant now and getting bigger by the minute and Gavin is getting faster by second of course. 

We are so glad today was good news. We are hoping the stent continues to do its job for as long as possible and that there are no more surprises in Gavin's future.