Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not home yet, but soon we hope.

We didn't get go home today.  He had his echo this morning. We didn't see the images but apparently he doctors didn't get all the information they wanted from that test, so they are going ahead with the CT Scan tomorrow morning.  With the CT they hope to get a clearer image of the pseudo aneurysm and the stent along with the area around the heart and lungs (i guess) The results of the test may move the surgery date up from June 13th.  I don't suspect having to stay in the hospital until that time come.  They are also continuing to watch his liver enzymes. 

Labs. AST in the 280's from 193 yesterday, 2nd day of an increase since we've been here.
         ALT dropped to the 800's since 954 yesterday. BONUS

Weight 10.7 down from 11.1 yesterday. Considering they dry weight they are looking at is the weight he came in at, which he was retaining fluid. So I'm assuming they are going a little under the 11.4. I'm assuming because I can't get a clear answer.  I know they want to keep the fluid off of him but Im not sure why twice a day rather than once when he's already down.

Other than the echo, its been an uneventful day.  I can't speculate when we are going home, since you can tell that has already changed so much since we've been here, which is quite common.