Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recovery Day 4

Gavin was moved to another room in the PCTU (Peds Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit).  He has been moving right along with his recovery.  He was extubated on Mother's Day. He was placed on the breathing machine May 2nd, only 2.5 days old, because his oxygen level in his blood was too high, this was do to the fact that his heart was not separating the 2 kinds of blood, it was mixing all together, which was spiking his blood pressure and his breathing became very labored.  Now, only 3 days after the surgery, he is breathing without the machine.  They are still giving him oxygen but, he no longer has the trachea tube.  He has however lost his voice, but that should return soon with a rasp.  I can't wait to hear him again.  

An earlier post stated that they started on feeds. Well they had to discontinue them for a day because he got sick. There are several reasons why this may have happened but they held off of the breast milk and returned to the IV nutrients.  A day and a half later they are now back on feeds and he is tolerating them nicely.  He is receiving them through his feeding tube along with receiving his IV nutrients.  He is on the Complex Feeding Protocol for Cardiac babies, the amount is very stricked and is increased very slowly.  He started at 4cc/ hour (less than 1 tsp)they do this for 12 hrs. Now they have increase it to 6cc/hr and will continue that for 24 hrs.  The goal is 48cc.  (30cc = 1oz) 

He is very close to his birth weight of 6lbs 10oz, which is good, that means he is losing the water weigh he gained. 

Hopefully, he will lose the blood drainage tube, chest tube and Foley bag soon, so we an hold him. Who knows, its up to the nurse we have, one says not till he looses those and another says, "I'd let you hold him"

We have met some really remarkable people already, during our time in the PTCU. One mother insists that we strongly request to be as involved as we want to be with the care of Gavin, this includes changing of his diapers, bathing and well I think that's all we can do for now, but it's something.

Praise god for Gavin's miraculous recovery so far. 
God as truly heard our prayers!
We continue to pray for forward progress.