Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Night Update

Our little rockstar is practically breathing on his own. He is still vented but during the whining process he has shown great progress, they have turned it down and he is doing well. The plan is to start whining in the early morning hours. Whining consists of turning it all the way down, allowing him to breath on his own for an hour, should he skip a couple of breaths or not respond very well anytime during that hour, the machine will take over or fill in the gaps for him.  All goes well, he will be extubated tomorrow, FINGERS CROSSED. 

He is moving quite a bit, which is good and scary at the same time. Man oh man we don't need him to knock out the tube. His arms are restrained a little to try to keep that from happening. He responds very well to us when we are talking and touching him, so it's best that we back off a little bit. He just moves to much.  A few times we saw him tonight it looked as though he had tears pooling in the corner of his eyes. Ofcourse they were closed but it was so sad. Sometimes he whinces an a tear look alike comes out. They are trying to reasure me that it's not tears but drainage. I sure hope its not, that simply breaks our heart to think of such a thing as him being in pain an not being able to let us know or respond. :( I guess his stats would indicates some discomfort.

Doctors rounds are between 7 and 9am each morning so we will have more updates after them.
Thank you to all of you for your concerns and your prayers!

Please continue to pray for his recovery but also please extend a prayer to all of the children an families in that ward.  There is so much hurt and sorrow walking those halls it can be so depressing and it sometimes make us feel guilty for having a happy moment while so many are hurting at that very same moment. 

Update 3

Last night was uneventful, nothing scary happened.   So as I always say, Uneventful is good! 

He still has excess water weight, about 2 lbs more than his dry weight.  His eyes are less swollen and his color is much better.  He is on Milredone for his blood pressure and to help his right ventricle rest.
Liver enzymes DROPPED! From 4500 to about 2000, int he opposite (and right) direction that the doc anticipated.  He is still intubated and will be for a couple of days. They have lowered is sedation because they want him to be a little responsive, but obviously not enough for him to mess with everything. They also want to observe his neurological responses for possible damage, which is always a possibility.   They may start weening him from the intubation and start sprinting tomorrow, which mean that for short periods, he will be breathing on his own. little by little.  My little chubba wabba may start to eat today too, however through a pump feet/ NG tube.  We are taking a teaspoon every hour and slowly increasing it. On Lasix/ diaretic every 6 hours now, they want to get the water off.  They are also adding another diuretic for help with the fluid.  His lung from yesterday looks good. I guess it has to perk up a bit.  They are going to try to clear his lungs of any fluid and keep them clear to prevent pneumonia.  White blood count is 7.6, i don't know what that means but I wrote it down so I thought I would type it out for ya. 

All and all, today is a day of rest, watching him, allowing is body to heal.