Happy 1st Birthday Gavin! xoxoxo

11 months "Having lunch at Olga's"
10 months "What a handsome guy!"

9 months Picture session
8 months "Cheese!" I started sitting up shortly after that

7 months "I cut my first tooth the day after Thanksgiving, thanks to the turkey bone.

6 months picture session
5 months Visiting with cousin Troy at his going away party for the Air Force. Daddy took this winning shot!

4 months "Handsome little fella"
3 months Already hamming it up!

2 months

1 month -First time he pulled out his NG tube. He was picture ready.

1 month. Gosh he was so tiny then.

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Megan said...

Oh wow, these are amazing pictures. I LOVE the one with the bunny ears, that is too much!!!! I am bummed now we didn't get Cal any Eater pics : ( Oh well, always next year with the new baby too : )