Thursday, August 9, 2012

Echo Results 8/2012

Eating a sucker and watching Lion King on the big orange screen!
Gavin's echo appointment went well today. As expected, not a huge change from 3 months ago however there is a consistent pattern of change over the last 6 months. The change is a slight increase of pressure through the conduit and although his doctor doesn't expect a spike in pressure he doesn't expect it to plateau.  Gavin's right ventricle looks beautiful!  We did ask today if there was any damage expected from the severe heart failure of 2011 and Dr said sometime there is damage to the ventricle and it's weakened, also damage to the liver and kidneys, but Gavin is A-OK! Yay God!

The plan is to bring him back in three months for an echo as he has been coming in ever three months since June 2011.  The doctor says if he had to guess, he would expect to have to do "something" aka  replacement of the conduit aka open heart surgery in 6-12 months. Now he DID NOT say Gavin WILL have surgery in 6-12 month that is for mommy and daddy who are extremely anxious about there little guy and who is constantly reminded of how fast he feel apart in April of 2011, Dr is trying to give us as much direct information as possible.  His basis for that statement is coming from  the slight increase over the last 9 months and projecting outward 6-12 months, putting Mr G at a replacement point.

Over all Gavin is in excellent health!  The stents have been a miracle and no surprises in the future, hopefully and faithfully!

God has been so good.  Justin and I have all the faith that when the time comes He will tell us and we go from there.  

One echo appointment down for August, one more to go, Owens'  coming up on the 30th.