Saturday, May 8, 2010

Recover Day 3 Nothing but GOOD NEWS!

Nothing but GOOD NEWS this morning!
He's doing so well, they are starting him on feeds this morning, this will be the 1st time he has ever had food! Gavin has only received lipids, sugars and such through IV'S. Since surgery he's been on fluids. Today around 2 they are starting feeds, I've been pumping so they are using my milk.  I don't get to do much of anything for Gavin, but pumping has allowed me to feel like I'm doing something for him.  We can't wait to actually feed him ourselves.

They put Gavin on a Lasix drip last night, to induce his urinating, so his potassium levels drop. High potassium is a concern since it is an electrolyte and can interfer with the electricity of the heart, causing increased blood pressure. His potassium level dropped to 3.8. Outstanding!!
They are removing the pacemaker this afternoon, currently it is turned off. They have him on a medication to help control his blood pressure, so he doesn't get tired out. But no pacemaker is good too!
They are decreasing the morphine, probably going to doses now.
Removed the LA line (Left Atrial) last night, that was going into his heart to monitor his LA Pressure. His pressure dropped with the removal but thats to be expected, the medication he is on to help regulate his pressure helps with that.
They are also whining him down from the ventilator. He's been vented since May 2nd, 3 days old ;( I can't wait for him to be off of that. I can hold him. Gosh I cant wait to hold him!!!!!!
They may also remove his foley bag and blood drainage tube sometime today.
The nurses say overall, his recovery so far has been phenomenal! Pray the little white hawk stays the course!