Monday, May 9, 2011

There's that smiling face, we've missed so much!

Mommy and Gavin sat in the courtyard for awhile today.
Yet another beautiful day with my beautiful baby boy!
Daddy went back to work today, we really missed him!

He couldn't be any cutier!
Gavin is laying with the quilt the women's ministry "Quilts of Compassion" dropped
off on Mother's Day. A prayer was said with each stitch and each little knot that was made.
Mommy and Daddy got a purple quilt, Im thinking the purple is for hope, it's so pretty!
I'll be sure to post a pic of it soon.

May 10th

Another great night for Gavin. He has been eating like a champ, it seems as though he hasn't stopped eating since they removed the vent. He is showing his personality more and more.

His liver enzymes, the AST 193 up from 148 his ALT 954 down from 1182. The doc didn't think that was alarming. We will just watch them and if they go up again tomorrow then I think they will look more closely to them.