Monday, May 9, 2011

May 10th

Another great night for Gavin. He has been eating like a champ, it seems as though he hasn't stopped eating since they removed the vent. He is showing his personality more and more.

His liver enzymes, the AST 193 up from 148 his ALT 954 down from 1182. The doc didn't think that was alarming. We will just watch them and if they go up again tomorrow then I think they will look more closely to them. 

There has been a back and forth movement of information since we've been here. Between the debate on whether or not to perform surgery soon rather than later to if they should perform an imaging test before discharge. We were under the impression that we were waiting for his CT to be discharged, that might have been our misunderstanding or it could also be a miscommunication between departments, which tends to get a little frustrating .  We are waiting for his liver enzymes to be normal before we are discharged.  He is also going to get another echo tomorrow, they are hoping to get the images they need without exposing him to radiation from the CT.

They placed him on Lasix twice a day now. We were concerned that they had orders to give it to him 3 times a day. That is the lack of communication I am talking about. I challenged the doctor about the reasoning behind that. She stated he has been moving back and forth with the doses. Correct he has however, those decisions have been made on whether or not he was loosing enough or to much fluid. As you may recall, a couple of days ago he responded to well to the transition from 4 times, to twice to nothing. He went from retaining  to much to loosing to much then he went back up above his dry ( admitted weight) so they went back to once/ day. Yesterday, his weight was 11.1 (dry was 11.4) that was on once a day. This morning the nurse comes in with orders for 3/day. Does that make sense to anyone? It surely didn't make sense to us.  We refused the orders and they changed them to twice/day.  There was never a clear reason as to why that decision was made, which is extremely frustrating.  There has been a few things in the last couple of days that are really starting to bug. 

We are waiting for his echo results from the test he will receive in the am and his labs to find out where we go from there.

Please pray for our patience and our little patient. ;)

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