Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Update on an Update

Late time I posted, Gavin was scheduled for surgery November 27th.  Everything was a go, that is until he fractured his arm the night before surgery. We were in Ann Arbor that night at a hotel in preparation for the next morning, with plans of a nice dinner together and swimming fun. We did have a very nice dinner, Gavin was his usual charmer with everyone he sees, the fun stopped there. While changing for the pool, mommy flipped Gavin onto his back on the bed and he arm fell underneath him, fracturing it.  We made our usual trip up to the ER at Mott, only this time we were less than 5 mins away. The splited it and later placed him in his SWEET candycane cast 2 days later. 

His surgery was then scheduled for December 18th.  Yesterday the date was moved up to December 13th. Ortho feels he will be well enough to have surgery and his surgeon wants to make sure he is really not in pain from his elbow, meaning it hasn't completely healed, before surgery. 

His cast comes off Dec 11th and heart surgery is Dec 13th.  We will keep you posted!