Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Off to a great start!

Gavin started the New Year off with a fantastic set of dr's appointments.  January 6th, he met with his cardiologist. What can I say, other than it was sooooo uneventful!!!

I love uneventful appointments. He is definitley gaining the weight. He weighs in at 20.6lbs and 29 inches long. The little guy is already in 12month clothing. He doesn't take any medications, he hasn't been since November. We stopped his Prevacid, practically by accident. I would forget to give it to him here and there and notice it didn't really bother him, so I whined him off of it and that was that. The fact that he doesn't take ANYTHING is simply a blessing and really the last time he was on anything was in August when he had his seizure scare. So for Gavin to be off of medications 5 months after his relatively large surgery is again Amazing! God is Great! 

The very next day Gavin had his follow up Neurology appointment that was scheduled way back in August during his week stay for his seizure and testing. And again, uneventful! The doctors were so happy and excited to see how wonderful he is doing with everything. His motor skills, his jibber jabber, Dr. Foy said Gavin is an excellent talker. (hum, could it be because his mother talks so much?) Dr. Foy and the head Neurologist both agreed that we made the RIGHT decision by not medicating Gavin. He hasn't exhibited any signs of seizure activity but they tell us to still pay attention to signs of any possible seizures and to bring him right in, BUT we aren't expecting any. He's going to be just fine! Again Thanks be to God!

As for future appointments, Gavin has his sedated echo scheduled for June 2011. He will no longer be seen the Neurologists.  He does have a follow up swallow study, at least I think it should be coming up sometime soon.

We graduated him into the next stage car seat and stroller. He is grow so fast. He is such a handsome little fella and he's so much fun to play with!

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