Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Update1 Post Cath

He had is his Echo at 2:30 and came out at 5pm. The doctors found that his conduit that was placed last year had split inside, creating a flap that was creating a pseudo aneurysm. The flap was creating pressure and a very tight channel for the blood to flow into the pulmonary artery.  They successfully placed a stent pushing the flap back to the wall of the conduit to allow the blood to flow properly and the pressure and stress on the Right Ventricle.  The stent also allows the blood to flow through the aneurysm into the conduit if needed. The stent is a very temporary solution to Gavin's heart problem. 

Along with his Right Ventricle Heat Failure, he is in Acute Liver Failure, due to his RV not working properly.  His liver functions were 4500 last night (normal is 20-40) and are expected to be higher tomorrow just because that's how the liver works. 

Having open heart surgery with any heart failure leads to a more difficult recovery. Having open heart surgery while in liver failure is not a good way to go into surgery either.  Both of which make for a very difficult recovery. 

He currently is intubated from the stent procedure.  He will need a chest tube tonight because they found fluid around the lungs, it may be blood so they are taking a sample out to see what they are dealing with.  The fluid whatever it may be is causing the right lung to collapse. 

If we are talking numbers here. Pressure in the heart after the stent has dropped about 50% estimating, point is they docs are optimistic that the stent is doing what it should. Now we just have to weight for his liver to start acting right. He will be sedated for some time, remaining intubated.

I must say that seeing my little man all hooked up like this brings back so many strong emotions and new emotions too.  The best way to describe him is to picture him as he was a newborn all hooked up and picture him 4 times bigger with all the same tubes. 

We are asking for prayers that they successfully drain the fluid and that he is not leaking blood into that area.  We ask that you pray his liver enzymes take a dramatic drop in numbers and it rebounds beautifully soon!
Also, pray that his right ventricle relaxes and recovers so that it too is strong enough for surgery, when ever that may be. Lastly (well all that I can think of right now) is PRAY that he does not contract ANY infections anywhere in his body! Please that is sooo important.

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