Monday, June 13, 2011

No Surgery, just yet!

Gavin was scheduled for his stent procedure and heart surgery (if needed) for June 10th. We took him in for his stent procedure at 7am and by 10:30am we were told the operating room was cancelled and that the cardiologist and surgeon were happy with the stent placement and its effectiveness on his right ventricle pressure so we are holding off on his surgery.  The stent could last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. I know what a window that leaves us. The surgeon said if Gavin gets 6 months out of it, she will take it! Gavin is going through a huge growth spurt right now (if you have seen him lately you would agree!) and in 6 months she is confident that she could place a good sized conduit which is the main goal to limit the number of surgeries he will have.

He went in Thursday for all of his prep work. The poor baby was poked and prodded and strapped to a wall, he was so done with all of it. Let me tell you, its getting harder for him to take it all and it's only going to get worse. He is such a trooper, half the time, he is crying because they are holding him down or strapping him down, the poke or test has little effect on him, "Gavin, "that's what she says!" 

Talk about perfect timing for this whole ordeal!. We have noticed extra puffiness around his eyes, lack of urination, decreased interest in eating and increased in fussiness, extra fatigue.  What we found out from the docs was that his conduit had narrowed again, increasing his blood pressure in his right ventricle to over 100%, not as high as last May but high enough for surgery.  Our poor little man was in the danger zone again and we just didn't know it.  Normal blood pressure is 25-30% and surgery is preformed or considered at 70% and he was well over 100% AGAIN! The covered stent that was placed within the stent from May, that is within the conduit, reopened the conduit and alleviated the pressure to around 50% which is to be expected with a stent. The stent from May wasn't as along as they would have liked it to be, I believe that is why the conduit narrowed again. 

I don't want my child to have  heart surgery any time soon but I can't wait until the old conduit is out and a brand new one is in. 

He was admitted Friday night, after the cath. and we were discharged and home by 11am, which was a nice change since we are usually discharged and home by 6pm. We were all eagerly looking forward to our bed for some much needed sleep. I finally felt like I could breath again with a huge relief that he wasn't in recover from heart surgery and his pressures have somewhat normalized.

He will be watched very closely, until this conduit is replaced.  He has a sedated echo in 2 weeks and another 4 weeks after that.  I'm assuming the cardiologist will have Gavin looked at every 3 months after that.

We want to thank all of you for your continued prayers and support! We are truly blessed to have each and everyone of you in our lived and praying for us.  What a stressful and trying time this has been but we are in the clear for now and he is home back to his very energetic and teething self!

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