Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday little guy!

Last week was full of milestones and anniversaries. 

Gavin turned "2" on April 29th. We had a birthday party for him at our home this year. What an exciting day! He had a great time playing with family. Gavin had a smile on his face the entire time, you could tell enjoyed every one's company.  Last year during his big 1st birthday party he had a horrible time. He was in heart failure and liver failure and all without us knowing.  As you all know, we too him to Mott the following day and from there he was fixed.  

So of course we were celebrating but also keeping in mind that it could all happen again. He is so healthy right now. Justin and I are constantly looking at him, examining him, wondering if this is normal or that is normal. Asking each other," does he look puffy to you?" 

He is still monitored closely by his cardiologist.  Anticipating his next surgery.  
April 12th was his last echo.  He is such a cooperative little guy, we didn't have to sedate him. He laid there watching the Lion King with mommy while the performed the echo. 

The results were over all okay.  His pressure in his right ventricle increased to 52 which was a 7 point increase from his last echo 3 months prior.  We feel that was pretty significant however the cardiologist is not alarmed.  Dr. Cotts said once the number reaches the 70's than surgery will be in the conversation.  His next appointment is in July, early August. 

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