Saturday, February 27, 2010

1st Post....Baby Aikey Blog Update

God has blessed Justin and I will the beautiful miracle of a baby! I am currently 31 weeks and feeling great! We have kept the gender of the baby as a surprise. Meaning, we do not know what the sex is either, its so funny how people think we could hold onto the news of the sex and not tell them. Ha ha ha, we are not holding out. Everyone has been very patient with us and a little irritated but we think it's fun.

My pregnancy has been perfect. So far, no signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, excessive weight gain, nothing that would cause an concerns, I even lucked out of morning/ night sickness and nausea.
We had our big ultra sound in November at 17.5 weeks.


The ultrasound tech. detected something wrong with the heart, so we were referred to a perinatal specialist at Oakwood Dearborn for a fetal echo. They perform fetal echos no sooner than 22 weeks gestation, sooooooo we had to wait an entire month to even make the appointment.
The whole while, Justin and I kept this little news to ourselves. We didn't feel it was necessary to give bad news and get family worked up over possibly nothing.
We just prayed and put it into the back of our minds and we were going to deal with whatever the news was when the time came.

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