Saturday, February 27, 2010

3rd Post...Meeting with the Dr's

February 26Th
We met with the Genetic Counselor, had an ultrasound, met my OB or 1 of several High Risk Ob's that would be delivering, the Surgeon, had a fetal Echo and met with another Cardiologist = extremely long day. No lunch break for the pregnant lady. God blessed us with great patience and understan
ding that day :)

They further confirmed the Truncus Arteriosus (TA) diagnosis but they also said that it seems the baby may have something wrong with the Aortic Arch, this is pretty common with the TA,
Called an Interrupted Aortic Arch
. No definitive diagnosis of that yet.

Both of these diagnosis come with a
Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) which is a large hole inbetween the 2 bottom chamber which futher mixed the oxygenated blood(blue blood) with the red blood( i don't know what else to call the red blood but unoxygenated :)

I will be delivering the baby at U of M, hopefully naturally (aka not a C-section but with an epidural and anyother pain relief, as long as its safe for baby!) I am praying I do not need a C-Section or to be induced, since these days inductions tend to lead to many hours and possibly days of labor then a C-Section. A C-Section would be horrible, since I would have to recover from that, I would much rather be on my feet with my baby in the NICU before surgery, since surgery could happen as soon as days after deliver.

The baby will have surgery anywhere from 2day - a week after deliver. The hospital stay is expected to be a 4 weeks from the surgery date and the baby is expected to come home with a feeding tube to make sure he or she will be getting enough nourishment.

We are staying positive and we know that the lord has his hand in this and his will, will be done. There are still 9 weeks to go until my due date of May 1st. We can not sit here in doom and gloom until that day and we ask that our friends and family don't either.

Lets keep our spirits up and faith strong in the Lord, with whom anythings is possible!

We are so over joyed by this miracle of life and excited to hug and kiss our little Josiah LaRue or Alayna Michele.

Please pray for us. Pray the baby is ok, that I don't go into early labor since the baby needs to be fully developed and healthy for a successful surgery, pray I do not need a C-Section.

More to come as time goes on. Talk about a waiting game.

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Heather said...

Esther-First of all- I think about and pray for my little nephew or niece everyday. You have a lot of supporters who love you guys very much and will be with you all the way. You and Justin are gonna be awesome parents. I love this blog you have made and I like the names you guys have decided on.