Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gavin's been on the General floor since May 20th and they are already talking about going home!
He has a battery of test scheduled for monday, the regular discharge tests, echo's, x-rays......

Our concern is that they are rushing us out. Although it could be the hand of god that is moving this right along. We are concerned about his feedings.  Currently, he is on 1 feeding of 50/cc an hr every 3 hrs.  The feed takes 1 hr to enter his system entirely. Tell me that is not realistic. Feedings should take anywhere from 20-30 mins, howevery they had to slow them down to allow him to retain some.  Justin and I have expressed our concern of being out of here without him taking anything orally, not to mention not controlled by pump.  They are suppose to go back to gravity feeds, hanging the milk from a large syringe that I got extras for squirt guns and turkey basters :), strapped to the bed or pole and allowing gravity to feed the milk through the tubing., generally taking 20-30 mins. Mimiking a natural feeding. We started with those but went to the hour pump because he simply wasn't holding anything down. He has been on the pump for several days now.  

Basically we don't want to be sent home with a pump. We want him to be taking some food orally,we aren't asking for much just a few cc's and then using his NG tube for the remainder of the feeding.  Gavin sees his OT( occupational therapist) monday so we will see what she thinks about us going home with a pump.

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ishbeth said...

Hopefully he will be on his way soon! It is in Gods hands and he wont be sent home before he is ready. Love you all!! Its awesome to hear about how great he is doing.