Saturday, May 22, 2010

We have a graduate on our hands!!!!

Gavin was moved to what they call the, " General Floor " in the cardiac unit.  One step closer to home and one of us gets to sleep in his room. Mom won the first round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also play a bigger role in caregiver. ;)

It's hard to believe that his surgery was 2 weeks Ago.  He has made leaps and bounds. 
He has been struggling with his feedings, poor guy. His acid reflux is really coming in between holding his food in, not to mention his body isn't used to eating.  We are very happy to see they decided to take it slower with the feedings, stretching them out over an hour rather than 20-30 mins.  He is really responding to that, with a few mishaps here and there, nothing like May19th, when he wouldn't hold anything down.  Gavin is up to 50cc/hr (1.75oz) every 3 hours, very good progress.

He saw his Occupational Therapist, speech therapy today. No, he is not so advance that he is talking already... they work with the suck, swallow and breath reflexes while feeding.  Sometimes babies like Gavin need to learn the sequence of these things. They could forget to breath. Also, they are monitoring how hard he is working on breathing.  Gavin's breathing is quite labored while trying to feed orally, which can lead to aspirating the fluid(going down the wrong pipe we would say) and choking on it and also causes him to burn more calories. He spits up whatever he has taken in orally so we are holding off on that for a few days.  Hopefully we can move from the hour long feeding to the 20-30 min feeds by gravity soon.  They are more realistic. Only if he can keep most of it down. 

The struggle with feeding has not been to much of a surprise to us. Feeding issues are MOST common. Reflux and the fact that babies who have their surgery right after birth have greater issues with feeding.

Seeing what some of the babies here are suffering from, makes us feel lucky that this is really then only obstacle between here and home. 

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