Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2 week discharge check up

Monday June 7th Gavin had his chest x-ray and appointment with the Cardiologist Surgical Nurse Practitioners.
The chest x-ray was good. His heart is the same size as it was at discharge, they weren't overly concerned with the results. They were  hoping it would be smaller than 2 weeks ago but they aren't alarmed.  His blood pressure is good in all 4 limbs. 
They check his bp in his arms and legs because of his arch repair. Having an interrupted arch means that the parts of his body were not receiving proper oxygenated blood.  

Gavin weighed 7lb 5oz. I realize that is 7oz lower than at the pediatricians office on the 27th but between the peds office, U of M and the visiting nurse's scale they are all different but 4oz of each other.  He will still have his NG tube, I'm assuming until he can take the full feeding by bottle. Currently, he is still receiving less than 1oz by bottle and 1.5oz by his NG tube, every other feeding.  He has been getting sick lately. We are working on increasing his amount. There's just so many factors to why he may be getting sick, it's hard to pinpoint it out. He's doing so well that I know he can take more from the bottle, I just don't want to push him to hard.  

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