Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 months already!!

Our little man turns 2 months on June 29th, I can't believe it.  We've been home now for a month and he is doing wonderfully! Wednesday was the last visit with the home nurse.
He weighted in at a whopping 8lbs!! The nurse has been visiting Gavin since the week he was discharged.  Just this Sunday, was our first time back to church since before I had him and guess who we ran into? Sherri, our visiting nurse! We were so happy to see each other there, we both had no idea the other attended Metrosouth.  

Gavin has been doing really great with his feedings. He still has the NG tube, but now he's taking 2.5oz!!! He also is taking 2.5oz by the bottle :) That is so huge for him!!! Hopefully, at his 6wk check up in July, he can loose the tube. 

We STILL haven't received genetic testing results.  I'm kinda bummed but at the same time, I'm not to concerned about it either.  

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