Wednesday, July 28, 2010

6 week checkup

Gavin had his 6 week discharge check up on July 19th.  He also had his repeat swallow study.
Dr. Cotts said Gavin was doing "good". Gavin is up to 10.3 (at that visit) and 24in long.  We think he's doing great so we asked for a letter grade
and he gave Gavin a "B" because he is still underweight for his age( which is 3 months now :) and he still pulls a little hard when breathing. He is scheduled for an echo on August 19th which Gavin will be sedated for.  The doctor wanted to check on the conduit. They are aware that it's leaking a little and that is normal but they are checking it, also because of his breathing and our concern with his motteling (discoloration of his skin sometimes) We were happy the Dr. brought us back early primarily because of our concerns with Gavin's color and breathing, it's nice to know that the cardiologist isn't going to tell us to just wait it out. Justin and I are so happy we chose Dr. Timothy Cotts to be Gavin's cardiologist.

Gavin's repeat swallow study showed no aspiration at all however it did show there was potential for it so we still need to thicken his formula, which he is up to 6oz now.  The thickening also helps with his reflux so whatever works :)

His cute little picture with his blue checkered outfit was taken the morning of his visit. He is such a happy baby. We are such happy and luck parents!

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