Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home Again

Gavin was discharged Saturday after spending 4 days at U of M.  He was hooked up to an EEG machine for 36 hrs and the neurologists found no signs of abnormalities. His MRI was also normal.  The Echo he had scheduled was done following the MRI, under the same sedation and that too was fine. 

We were given 3 options from the neurologist.  
Mommy gave me Red Wings!
  1. Medicate for a couple of years
  2. No medication
  3. Medicate for at least 6 months
Maybe a future goalie?

Justin and I decided not to give him any medication. The neuro said he didn't like to medicate infants at Gavin's age unless it was obvious they needed it. We truly feel that what happened at home was an isolated occurrence and what happened after the MRI general anesthesia(GA) was effects from the GA. However, he was given a 50/50 chance for having another seizure, because he has had one.
Dr. Libby was amazing!

The craziness that occurred Thursday, after the GA was originally thought to be SVT (which is very common after a large open heart surgery (OHS) such as Gavin's, but unlikely his far into his recover.  His cardiologist was impressed that Gavin hasn't had any issues, until now.  PRAISE BE TO GOD!
The are calling the craziness with his heart rate possible Tachycardia.


 More crazy info

The docs are not 100% sure what occurred after the GA, which is so frustrating. 

How can we medicate Gavin for a "what if" diagnosis.  We are so comfortable and at peace with our decision. Unless he shows signs of seizures in the future, we are sticking to it. We have also discontinues his Reglan, the docs wanted him on it still, for his reflux. Justin and I have been worried about side effects from Reglan (have you seen the lawyers commercial?) However, if his Prevacid shows that its not enough, we may start Reglan up again but at 2 doses a day, rather than 4. 

We couldn't wait to hug him without all the stuff!!

Our little guy is so strong and happy! Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns! We'll surely keep you posted.


ishbeth said...

Thanks for keeping us posted Es!!! He looks so great!!! Good to know you guys are taking his health into your own hands.... parents know best!

Anonymous said...

Glad everything worked out and you guys are back home.