Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Heart Buddies" = Friends for Life

You can imagine that Justin and I have met some amazing people during our stay at U of M. We've kept in contact with several families we became friends with during our stay.
Mike, Melissa & Anslee.
Lance, Kim & Grayson (Mighty Max). 
Shane, Deb & Leah
Dave, Amber & Andrew( I met Amber through a support group we belong too) Her son, Andrew, has the same diagnosis and surgeries as Gavin did. He's doing great!

 Two of them have had multiple surgeries and several months in the hospital. One of the little ones is scheduled for surgery next month.  Justin and I ( along with Amber and Dave) don't have to face that for a couple of years. 

All of these little angels have had such a rough start. With multiple surgeries in their futures, please keep them all in your prayers. 

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