Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello Fall!

Can you believe that Gavin will be 6 months on the 29th? Everyone tells us, it goes by fast and I would have to agree. 

Gavin's last cardiologist appointment was at the beginning of this month and everything is good. At that time he was 14.4lbs which falls in the 25% on the chart. He is to remain on 24k cal formula until his next appt. in 3 months.
His length was 27in which falls in the 75% on the chart. His head measured...wait for it...wait for it..... well I can't remember what it measured but it fell in the 90% on the chart. I knew it! Is this a bad thing? 
ABSOLUTELY NOT! My kid if full of brains!! Seriously, Dr. Cotts said that if his length stayed in the 75th and his head jumped to the 95th and up, well then there is cause for concern. But honestly, what could they do about it, nothing and again it's not a bad thing. Dr Cotts did say that although Gavin's genetic tests came back negative, sometimes small characteristics still sneak in and don't trigger the test positive.  No biggie. 

Recently, he has been sitting up but not entirely unassisted, he still topples over. He has gained a lot of strength in his legs while holding him up. 
I made him laugh the other day. Until then, he would kind of laugh but this time he kinda chuckled, it was so cute. What made him laugh you ask? Well I was telling him to, "sllleeeeeppppp sleep sleep sleep sllleeeeeep sleep sleep" he thought it was funny. He seems to be teething. Low grade fever, TONS of slobber, fussy, screaming out of nowhere. Hopefully, they poke through soon. 

Well, as I've said in the last few posts, I'll try not to wait so long in between. 
Till then,

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