Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5th PM Update

Im so sorry I forgot to inform you guys on the liver enzymes earlier.
His AST went from 2283 yesterday to 1359
His ALT went from 3179 yesterday to 2824, docs are pleased with the direction of everything.

He was extubated at 3pm this afternoon and as you can imagine, it was so wonderful to see his beautiful face again.  He is breathing beautifully on his own. They have since taken him off his BP meds and Adevan (spelling). He is receiving a steroid to help prevent his throat from swelling due to the intubation so that medicine does increase his BP but not to alarming levels. He was able to drink from the bottle tonight and he was so excited to see a bottle. He took 6 oz like a champ.

Still no date for his surgery as of yet, there is still debate.
We are very happy with the direction things are going. We should be able to hold him tomorrow.

Our church is having their baby dedication ceremony on Mother's Day. We were scheduled for the 9:30 service but due to is stay at the hospital we are going to miss that. However, we were able to work out skypeing the dedication service from his hospital bed for the 3rd service, We are so happy we aren't going to miss this years ceremony.
Hopefully we will have more good news to share with you tomorrow.

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Mom on a Line said...

Continuing to keep you all in my thoughts and hoping that the numbers continue going in the right direction.