Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday AM Update

He looks GREAT! His weight is down to 11.6k from his dry weight of 11.4 (25.5lb-25.1lb) so they backed of Lasix(diuretic) from every 6hrs to every 12. They never started the second diuretic. 

He is taking 1oz/hr by continueous feed. They will try PO feeding(mouth feeding) after he is extubated, waiting  4 hrs after extubation to feed him, just incase they have to reintubate.  

He's been sprinting on the vent this morning and they are going to sprint again at 1pm and if his blood gases are good they will extubate around 3pm. They have to wait 6 hours after his last feed, so they stopped his feed this morning at 9:30am while we were back there.  

Decreased his blood pressure med. Miliranone, may remove it after extubation.

White cell count down to 6.4

Abdomen ultrasound later today to check for possible clots, they are always possible after all the internal trama he has experienced. 

They will check to see how his blood clotting, he's been given plasma because his blood has been thin.

Removing his adevan after his extubation.  

All and all hie looks fantastic! His swelling is down significantly.  You can see creases in his eye lids. :)
We are going to have a good day, I can feel it :)


Shannon said...

Great news! {{{{Hugs}}} to all of you

Mom on a Line said...

Gavin does look very good in his picture. Hoping the extubation goes well and all of the meds can be weaned successfully. Continuing to keep you all in my thoughts.

I can't believe he weighs so much normally though. He weighs more than Izzy and she has 2 years on him ;)

Megan said...

Esther, how is his liver doing? I know it was down to 2000, is it lower yet? By tomorrow do they still need to see it in the lower 100's? How about his lungs and kidney, still doing ok? Look at this little angel, how sweet, did you do his hair for the picture (ha ha) so cute!